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This blog features competitive-programming problems, their solutions in English, and accepted source code in high-quality C++.

Links to the original problems are provided at the bottom of each pages, if possible.


Ear Decomposition
Find an ear decomposition of an undirected graph.
Find the shortest string that matches a given regular expression and contains a given substring.
In a bipartite graph, is there a S ⊆ X s.t. |Γ(S)| < |S|? If not, maximize ∑{i∈S}w(i) − ∑{i∈Γ(S)}w(i) subject to |Γ(S)| = |S|.
Roadside Trees (Specialized Dynamic LIS)
Compute the longest increasing subsequence while inserting almost-smallest numbers or deleting almost-leftmost numbers.
Optimal Point
Find an integer point minimizing the maximum Manhattan distance to each given integer points in 3-space.
Venn Diagram (Fit Circles)
Fit two circles into a specified rectangle. The areas of the circles and the area of their intersection are also specified.
Leaders (Odd simple path)
Is there an odd-length simple path between two specified vertices in a given undirected graph?
Hello, world!
Print 'Hello, world!'. This is a dummy article for testing purposes.

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